Esports coaching

Welcome to our coaching program

Unlock your potential with GeSS Gaming’s premier coaching program, where players of all levels come together to enhance their skills and achieve their gaming goals.

Don’t just play, play to win!

Competitive Edge

Gain industry knowledge and be kept in the loop and up to date with all the latest esports trends.

Body & Mind

We develop not only your skills in the chair, but also in the gym. We promote both physical and mental development.

Gaming and Fitness

Esports isn't just a battle in the chair

Our comprehensive curriculum covers both gaming strategies and fitness components essential for peak performance. From mastering game mechanics to improving reflexes and endurance, our program ensures a well-rounded approach to skill development.

Safety Is Our Focus

We have a zero tolerance approach for anyone who operates outside our code of conduct.

Convenient Operating Times

Whether it's after school or on holidays, we have convenient days to book in, learn, compete and have fun!


Coming Soon
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